The Basics of Vehicle Sketching inside Zbrush (Tutorial Preview)

Hi Zbrushcentral community been a while since my last post here, been very busy with work this year and unfortunately my zbrush tutorials suffer :cry: but now im back on track :smiley: with my love and passion for this software and for my area (transportation design).
This will be the first tutorial of a series specially dedicated to vehicle and transportation design, in this first tutorial i will be covering several important points for all the people interested on using zbrush for this. i will be covering topics such as:
1.understanding car design and why many fail ( manufacture processes, organic vs industrial surfaces, etc.)
2.creating blue pints inside ps (applying a realistic package to our main idea and why this is so important)
3.Basic modeling inside zbrush (from setting up the blue prints to the base mesh concept)
4.wheels and tires
5.refinment (surface refinement and the use of booleans, sculptris pro, zremesher, brushes, etc)
6. rendering inside zbrush ( document size, rendering quality, light and shadows set up)
7.post production inside photoshop (basically how to create a stunning image of your concept and fixing some problems with 2d)

Basically after this tutorial every one interested would be able to create their own realistic car concepts inside zbrush and it won’t be necessary for you to be so experienced. So here i leave you with a screenshot that i took today (still a couple more minutes left for the final 3d).

ps- thanks to all the community members and automotive industries who have contact me personally asking me to show my techniques with zbrush, your kind words and love inspired me to create this, in a couple of days would be finished. Also special thanks to pixologic team for always supporting my work on social media.


Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 1.00.46 PM (2) copy.jpg


Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 1.00.46 PM (2) copy.jpg

Where are you posting this tutorial and how much will it cost?

Looking forward to it!

Very interesting. When and where will you publish your tutorial ?:smiley:

Hi Philippe & Jaran !
Sorry for the late answer the tutorial its going to be ready in about 10 days I’m in the editing phase :confused:, im going to upload during these days a couple images of the final rendering so you can see the capabilities of zbrush in conjunction with some post production techniques inside photoshop, Ive never been fan of cad modeling for concept but zbrush its just something else, the cost would be around 40us dlls., the length of the tutorial its going to be more than 4 hours and im going to cover all the points that i explained before, its going to be published on gumroad and the teaser video at youtube: transportation design tv.
Thanks for your interest guys!