The Art of Ugahbugah

I am currently a college student studying to be a video game and/or movie artist. I am a longtime lurker of these forums, and am finally deciding to post my most recent material.

These images are my fanart of Oracle Kastali, the woman through whom the lore of Mage Knight, an old table-top game from which HeroClix was developed, was told. When the tower in which she lived was destroyed toward the end of the game’s first run, she armored-up and joined the battlefield. I played the game often as a child, and was excited to see it was recently re-launched.

I am currently working on making it game-resolution, so I will hopefully have more to update with very soon. Any comments and critique are always welcome!




A character that I am currently working on for a story, that my professor is also letting me use for a comic strip assignment.

Comments and critique are always welcome!

With juggling school, work, and ZBrush, this update has been slow. Here’s the current WIP images.


nice sculpt man awesome details. Thanks for sharing. keep it up