The Art of Salim Ljabli

Hi everyone,

It has been a year or two since i’ve posted anything, it has been quite a busy years .

Here is what i’ve been working for quite some time now during my spare time .
It’s an imaginary person, the challenge was to sculpt a portrait based on no actual person and try to make it look as realistic as possible . it was very challenging .
I’ve used Zbrush + 3ds max for modeling ; Mari + photoshop for texturing ; Vray for rendering ; and ornatrix for the hair work .
also used knald for some extra maps .
Some Credit goes to :
TexturingXYZ : for the awesome micro-geometry map
Maxime Roz : for the awesome HDRI
and to all my great friends for their valuable feedback , much appreciated .







Here are some zbrush shots :

Beautiful work. The detail is perfect. Currently I see many artists using the TexturingXYZ maps. I would love to test.

Amazing work Salim !

Hello !

@ Isunoj : Thank you ! well i’ve used only the microgeometry mp " which is like a noise map but with more dept to it " the Zbrush file shows all the sculpted details. it’s 90% hand made , 10% is using some maps as template to sculpt on top of them and make the details looks better and have more dept .

@ vickgaza : Thanks bro ! glad you like it .

Here is a close up with the micro geometry and all the hand made details .

closeup 1.jpgcloseup spec reflection 1.jpggray.jpg

Thanks for the explanation guy :+1:

Excellent work. Is this a likeness of Jordon Rudess? It certainly looks like him. Fascinating, crazy detail!

nice work here:sunglasses:
keep it up ! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Looks awesome man, Specially the skin! Congrats.

This is some really awesome stuff man.

For the micro maps I know its in the shading network. Is this contributing to displacement within the program?

Hello !

@ Isunoj : you’re welcome man !

@ regmonroe : thank you ! but i had no idea who’s that man you’re talking about hehe , and it’s not first time someone tell me he looks like someone he knows which is good :smiley: for an imaginary person .

@ Sho3d : thanks man ! you’ve got some nice work as well .

@ arun nagar : thanks buddy ! it took me months to get it there hehehe .

@ ryanreid : Thank you , glad you like it . due to max limitation i had to use the micro geometry in bump in the shading part only and to be honest and since it’s on a macro scale it really doesn’t matter if it’s in displacement or not unless you want to do macro render or extreme close up on the skin then i recommend to make it contribute to the displacement which is easy and doable in maya .

an old shot i did before tweaking the hair and do final skin pass .
crop side face.jpg

Nice work man.

Looks nice :slight_smile:

That makes a lot of sense. Thanks a tone :slight_smile:

Really awesome work man :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

awesome stuff buddy !!

Awesome, congratulations with such an outstanding piece!!!

Great Work!! Did you sculpt the details in ZBrush using textures from Texturing.xyz or did you paint them in MARI and then bring them in to ZBrush.

@ Polyjunky : Thanks man !

@ tmnivision : Thanks budy !

@ ryanreid : you’re welcome man !

@ Vimkerk : Thanks bro ! glad you like it .

@ Gurjeet Singh : Thanks bro ^^ !

@ d’Artbot : Thank you :slight_smile: !

@ Vaalrock : The details were sculpted by hand 90 % hand made as for the textures from texturing xyz i only used the micro geometry map which is basically just noise map with more dept and it was only used in 3ds max shading part .