The Art of Pablo Garcia


Today I practice with the new version of ZBrush and I made this creature I hope you like it feeedback is very welcome thanks!

Crab Render 01.jpgCrab Render 02.jpgCrab Render 03.jpgCrab Render 04.jpgCrab Render 05.jpgCrab Render 06.jpg

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realy cool. looks like a netsuke. what are you using to render/texture?


thanks well it is a custom material with a fingerprints textures in keyshot I learnt that with the great artist Oscar Trejo :smiley:


I start a new challenge on Facebook about my childhood and I decide to do Top Cat in Robot version as the great jake Parker sketches this is my first Wip



Here another update of top cat feedback is welcome thanks!



hello! here and update of the character I am working on for a client what do you think?



Here another update of the Mandalorian armor I am working on for a client feedback is welcome



Here another update of the Mandalorian Armor I am working on for a client feedback is welcome thanks



Hello! here another update of the Mandalorian Armor I am working on I hope I can finish soon depend on what the client said feedback is welcome thanks!



Hello! I don’t known if I can show progress of the uvs and the low poly of my model made in zbrush
and the test bake but well here this is my work in progress of the low poly, uvs and test bake what do you think so far?



Hello! here the low poly and the bake of Normal maps and AO the Mandalorian armor when I get better to texture character I will do it I hope soon



I start to do a Udemy Course named Prehistoric Weapons for video games Vol 1 this is the sculpt next time I will do the retopology the course is going to be in Spanish



Hello! I have been doing a shark worm from outer space for an indie video game I start with ZBrush the final render was in
marmoset the full project it is here


thanks for watching!!!


Hey I made this weekend a Stylized Longsword for a character I have been working on and I wanted to show you the final render I use ZBrush for the details and
I add the render to my portfolio if you want to check it out thanks

Long Sword 01.jpgLong Sword 02.jpgLong Sword 04.jpg
Long Sword 06.jpgLong Sword 08.jpgLong Sword 09.jpg


Hey! I wanted to share a character I finish last week for a commission work I start with ZBrush the character if you want to check the full story it is here

I hope you like it and thanks for visiting my post :smiley:


Hello long time without posting my work this time I am working in another character of star wars boushh from star wars return of the jedi I think I finish the helmet if you have any feedback is welocme thanks!



Today I start the cloth of Boushh in Marvelous designer and I imported to ZBrush to make more details feedback is welcome thanks!



Hello! I am still working with Boushh from the return of the jedi



A speedsculpt of 2 hours of Gatomon from Digimon series or video games only for fun

Gatomon 04.jpgGatomon 02.jpgGatomon 03.jpg


Hello! today I try something different with ZBrush I made a stylized Scifi Shotgun 100% with zbrush render with keyshot feedback is welcome
thanks for watching my posts make me happy if you can write hi :slight_smile: