The Art of Pablo Garcia 2021

Hello! how are you doing I 3D Print my ScroogeMCDuck with my Adventure3 Flashforge I have made in Sculptober 2020 and upload it to my store of Cults http://bit.ly/2M91rOQ

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Hello! I made this King Ghidora headphones holder for fun 3d print and all :slight_smile:

3D Print with Adventure 3 PLA

picture 01 picture 02 picture 03 picture 04 picture 05 picture 06 picture 07 picture 08 picture 09 picture 10


Your work is great. I like it very much.Can you also thumb up for my work 《Morgana》?thank you. :grin:

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ohh so nice of you, you are very kind yeah I will check it out your works :slight_smile:

A commission work of last year a petes dragon art toy ready for 3d print-based in a parade car was a cool project

Great stuff. Thank you for sharing so much.

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Thanks Paul I feel proud you check my stuff

Hello! it is a commission work of 2020 but I wanted to post it here it is a retro toy of Hot Spots from TMNT a retro toy to be specific made with ZBrush and Render with Keyshot :slight_smile:

Hey another commission work I modified for myself a clone trooper helmet set as a storage box I 3d print it with my adventure 3

I won first place in the #Characters category of the Vertex Challenge with my Arakyd Probe Viper Droid


Artstation https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8eXGgO

Hello! another work I made last year I set up as a storage box or vase the helmet of Ursa Wrens from Star Wars Rebels I 3d print it made with ZBrush

Hey how are you doing? I set up my old Gatomon who I made like 3 years ago to 3d print and looks cute

Loving all these toy designs, especially the creature holding your headphones!

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Thanks Kyle I appreciate it a lot :slight_smile:

A 3D print of Pepe Le Pew I made the sculpt in Sculptober 2020 I am giving for free on my stores

Uploading: 2021-07-09 21.41.48.jpg…]()

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A practice I made months ago to improve environment props for games was a good experience

HD Images at ArtStation https://bit.ly/3wVvURF

Another practice I made like 3 years ago I set up as a 3D print like a toy of a Stylized Scifi Shotgun I upload it to my store

get the model at Cults https://bit.ly/3ByVorw

made 100% with zbrush and render with keyshot

Another old work I made like 3 years ago as a practice 100 % model with ZBrush render with keyshot

I 3d print my road runner I made back in 2018 made with ZBrush and Keyshot

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