The Art Of Pablo Garcia 2021 Commissions

I finish this Arkham Card stand for the board game Arkham horror inspired by cthulhu

is going to be for 3d print also I added some progress I made with this one


thanks for watching


Hey, how are you doing? my client 3D Print the Arkham card stand in resin here some pictures Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2 Screenshot_3 Screenshot_4 Screenshot_5 Screenshot_6 Screenshot_7 Screenshot_8 Screenshot_9 Screenshot_10

A finish commission work Soi Fong from the anime Bleach made for a supermini figurine ready for 3d print made with Zbrush

A quick commission work I have made last year I started with zbrush

Another commission work I made at the beginning of the year a fan art of a creature for a PC game sorry I don’t know the name ready for 3d print

Hey, how are you doing? here another commission work of last year an Iranian Missile Warship made with ZBrush and render with Keyshot made for 3d print

Hey, how are you doing? here another show of a commission work of last year it is a fan art of Arkham Horror from the tabletop game or the recently video game on steam made for 3d print as a Christmas gift was a cool project :slight_smile: thanks for watching

A game prop I started with ZBrush made for Get Dead Entertainment

ready for a game engine

A figurine I made as a commission work of 2021 made for 3d print made 100% with ZBrush

A wookalar mask I made as commission work in 2020 but I want to shared here my client give me a chance to sell the stl you can get it in my store of artstation

Hey another commission work but last year an Iranian Torpedoe Warship made with ZBrush ready for 3d print-based in a real warship

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A pound cake I made for get dead entertainment ready for a game engine I started with ZBrush

Hey, how are you doing? I want to show you a Clone Trooper I made last years as a commission work my client 3d print it as real life-size made with ZBrush

I bet that took a while to print!

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Great job. What printer did you use to print the helmet?

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thanks my client tell me took 100 hours I think it is too much

thanks, Paul I think my client use the Creality ender 3 thanks again for checking my works :slight_smile:

Another Commission work I did in November 2020 a Wookalar bust it is from an old mystery comedy movie of the 60 - 70 I think I watched it is kinda curious

made for 3d print

thanks for watching :smiley:

Nicely done.

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thanks much appreciate it