The Archangels - GABRIELLA - Paragons of the Neo-Apocalypse

Proof of concept for a new series of collectible figures.
Link to store and high-resolution images below

I am thrilled to present to you the next series following the Four Horsemen, which started the Neo-Apocalypse universe : The Archangels. They are the counter-balance to the Four-Horsemen threat and the protectors of humankind. We will be revealing more about the lore of Neo-Apocalypse soon, but for the moment, enjoy the designs of the main casts!

The Four Horsemen will be available for pre-order soon through our collaborators: XM Studios! The Archangels are the next in line to be produced and painted by the same awesome studio if the demand is good!

So if you wish to voice your interest for this series of collectible figures, like many of you did for the Four Horsemen, please visit our store below and fill the simple form to enter our newsletter!
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Highres images…

Highres videos…

Artwork/Graphics by beesub…


Concept, 3D models and renders by Marco Plouffe (Keos Masons)…

“O great Gabriella, messenger of hope

Make your presence known and surround us in your guiding light

Help us gaining the inner strength to thrive in our hour of need

Deliver us from fear and make us whole again”

TM & © 2022 Keos Masons


Another hit straight out of the ball park Marco! :muscle:

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Thanks Jaime!