The Altamaha-ha Project

Hi, everyone, have you noticed that since the release of Z3 the bottom row has become the top row in that the quality of work here has gone thru the roof? They must have a hard time deciding what to raise to the top row. Anyway, I’ll post my humble picture now. This is a addition to a Cryptid series I’m doing. It’s about mythical creature reported in the Altamaha River in Georgia. Described, oddly, as having only front flippers. I went back and forth on wether to do this as a polymer sculpt or Zbrush. As I was wanting to try out the posing, I went with Z. I’ve had the usual reported crashes and have been unable to do it. I’ve been through the PDF’s on the subject. I didn’t save my model with a low res version so I can’t do the cloning and loading of 2 models in Rigging and Topology as mentioned. So I’m kinda at a standstill. I’m hoping the 3.1 release this month will have my answer, we’ll see. Anyway, a little teaser for now. I love the name of this one. :smiley: 50.

The overall imagery is awesome my friend! Get your fishing gear, let’s go see what it likes to eat! Probably snot nosed kids, lots of them around to use for bait. Perhaps blue-hairs? Maybe pizza, or good Lebanese might be sufficient. Send me a private message or email I’ll see if I can help you out. :wink:

Thanks, Jason. I’ve wanted to do this one for awhile. I just love the ‘tongue in cheek’ name. I know for sure it would eat Ron’s catfish. :smiley: There is a reported sighting by a couple Boyscouts, maybe it was stalking them. PM on the way. Rich.