Hi, here’s my new WIP. It’s still far from its final destiny, but I figured it was far enough to show it to you. Feel free to criticise and comment.

[Marine Species WIP.jpg]

It’s coming out great already, keep up the good work.

I have given her lip some suction cups. Initially I wanted to give all the small bumps craters as well, to make them suction cups, but I found it looked pretty cool like this as well, so I decided to keep them like this. I have changed her chin to become some kind of tooth, which can be used for prying open clams. Please give me your comments.



[Marine Species WIP 2.jpg]

suddenly had an idea and added fins to the jaw. What do you think?

[Marine Species WIP.jpg]

Nice addition. I would add some more structures and eventually get a nice varied skin bump on there.

Glad you like it. I will give her face more structure, I just haven’t quite figured out yet what I want to do with the different facial features. I’ll get there eventually and hopefully I won’t mess it all up with the texture and material later. I don’t know how to do that properly. As to the detailing of her face, any suggestions are welcome. I’m thinking of some scaly kind of thing, but I’m not sure how to do it…

Well its humanoid. You could define her skull more. And also make the skull even more intricat. I’d assume it has fish eyes since its a marine creature. So the are around it would have to be similar, and she would not have eyelids. Try to get her skeletal looking first than you can build up from there. I’m not sure where the roundness would go on the model that is the difference between a male and female.

Kinda wierd looking, it’s pretty cool. But the edges around the mouth look pretty hard, is it gunna end up being some kinda beak?

No, it’s just a pointy lip. I deliberately made the upper lip extremely thin to the point where it is hardly visible anymore. But perhaps you are right about the edges of the lower lip being too sharp. I’ll try to round them off a bit and see how I like it. Thanks for the advice.