Texture Pallet & Subpalette Image Plane ZPlugin and Draw Palette - Channel Subpalette

Image Plane problem
I’m trying to get background images for a project in Zbrush 2022. When I try using the image plane from the texture pallet I get an error message pop-up saying Note: The Image Plane Plugin DLL cannot be found in its proper location (see attached photo). I

looked in the 2022 Plugin64 folder and the Image plane folder does have the DLL file in it. I didn’t have this problem with Zbrush 2021.7 so I replaced the Image plane folder in the 2022 version with the Image Plane Plugin folder from the Zbrush 2021 Version. I got the same message every time.
Draw Pallet Channel Sub pallet problem
Sooo, I tried getting the reference images I need using the Channel sub pallet in the draw pallet. I would set up my model facing right tile the camera position ‘right’ store that camera position. Oh and it would only let me store perspective views which seems odd. Then I would load and store an image for the background reference that corresponds with the right view. Then I would turn the model 180 degrees, load and store a camera position titled ‘left’ and the upload and store a different image that corresponds with the model facing left. I have another image that I did all the same things for that is from the top. All 3 camera views store perfectly and when I ‘arrow click’ to scroll through the right, left and top views my model is repositioned appropriately. BUT the image storing system that is supposed to store a separate image for each camera view only stores one image, whatever image I store last. So the same image is there no matter which camera view is selected.

Missing Image plane plugin has been fixed in 2022.0.1 patch

I’ve loaded 2022.1 and still get the same error message.

Can you contact Pixologic Support where we will be able to help you.