Texture from polypaint gets pixelated

Hello, suddenly I tried exporting textures from zbrush using the multimap exporter and all my textures get pixelated, I have enough polygons so that the texture isnt pixelated and I export 2k and 4k maps but the texture, its like zbrush is generating textures wrong, this happens even in older projects where I had never had this issue before, please help, I dont know whats going on, I attach an image of the model I am trying to texture and how the texture is generated.

SheHulk_06.ma_ - Autodesk Maya 2020.1_ D__Archivos 3D_Archivos Maya_SheHulk_scenes_SheHulk_06.ma   ---   pPlane1 23_12_2021 07_24_24 p. m.

Hi I think you should paint your mesh with highest level of the subdivision.
Duplicate it and use ‘project all’ with highest subdiv.