Texture experiment

Hi nothing special here yet, I was just playing around wanting to test the difference between a high polly ZBrush render, and a low ploy with displacement map render in Modo. I thought I would post the beginning of the texturing process I have a lot farther to go with this,but I like to see how things evolve so I thought you might as well. This is a simple ZB render with just the fast shader.Please don’t point out all of the things wrong with this it is just the very beginning as I have said there is a lot more to do on this guy .


Stunning! nothing to crit even for a wip!!!
looks like you dont even use proj masterYou have to do a movie showing this wrinklle prosses of yours :slight_smile:
keep posting!

Just when I start thinking I am getting the hang of doing this 3D lark, I see something like this and it makes me think ‘Why do I bother even trying?’ LOL

Top work on this WIP. I look forward to see more of this as it progresses. Minty.

Fantastic !!
Looking forward to seeing this one progress. :smiley:
Actually, when you say texturing, . . do you mean in its proper sense (i.e surface detail ) . . or painting :wink:

Looks like the begining of another Rick Baker masterclass thread. Keep em’ comming oh Zbrush master.

I’m glad you said not to point out all the things wrong with this, I could go on about them forever:

Let me start by saying… um…that I think that… erm… what’s wrong is…

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

okay, I have to say that I can’t find anything wrong with this so far (as usual) , but I’ll be watching very closely though, Mr Baker… :wink:

I’m looking forward to updates on this, it’s always a pleasure to see your work here. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


man,you did the best oldguy that saw here!
please!!! more pics!!
Alex Oliver

So Mr Baker, let’s see what’s next ! :stuck_out_tongue:

BAD ASS!:wink:
Hey Monster Maker.
I love how your sculpts always seem to catch the light just right.
I asked you once a long time ago about that… so here’s goes again.
What’s the secret, it’s not just form.
You seem to know what to emphasize and what to pull back.
What are you looking for when you’re blocking in?
Also I’m assuming you’re tumbling this thing around and changing the light position constantly.
Any ways, this will be fun to watch.
Did you ever finish that re-take on the your old goblin head?
The one from the early eighties… and was that the guy your team was building on 60 Min’s? Or was it Mike wallace, seem to remember you all fabricating that guy in the background during an interview.
Cesar Dacol Jr.
Aka, The Voodoo Monkey

to test the difference between a high polly ZBrush render, and a low poly with displacement map render in Modo
you bring the map from Zb for the Modo test?
So that will be a true cross road soft test :smiley:

Worked on this guy some more, think I’ll stop for today. This detail stuff can make you crazy. There is still lots to do and fix on this guy but I thought I’d show you where he is now. His head looks too long to me and after doing this render I noticed that the wrinkles on the side of the nose need a lot of work. I want to tone down some things and sharpen up others ,but that will be for another day.


The features are coming along so well… :+1:

Very nice, very solid.

Great work as always

great skin my friend !
it is going to be fantastic :slight_smile:

Looking great as always Rick, I see a little Dick Smith in this in one, just a hint.

Hope all is wel!


Here is a modo render ,nothing special one area light , using the displacement map from ZBrush . It is definitely softer but not bad.


very nice, but whats with the head band? it looks like parallax mapping

Hey MM.
Nice, try adding the bump as well.
That will help bring back those details you lost.
If you didn’t create a bump, you could always create a cavity map
and dial that in.
Cesar Dacol Jr.
Aka, The Voodoo Monkey

Rick, excellent work as always. I’m a huge fan.

I think the softer feel works better. The lines in the face, which makes the character, does well with the softer balance.

Thanks for sharing.


This is …the one!

I am partial to people and not creatures.
Many thanks for letting us see “the evolution”