Text effects using new curves

this isnt so much a tutorial as it is an expansion of ideas that started with zspheres usage for creating text in zbrush

to start… realized very quickly playing with curves that it has uses when combined with a tablet pen and a steady hand in creating deep rich text effects… to test this out i went in standard brush with curve mode on rgb only and drew out my name… i then proceeded to play with the curve settings and the following seemed to produce the best results :

intensity off
max points 256 (more for more letters and detail as needed)
stroke type drag dot (important for positioning)

drag out your stoke and with drag dot on it wont automatically draw to canvas until you either click on the open surface again or until you click snapshot in the curve controls. you can now tailor your text exactly as needed and lay down a stroke. if you save the stroke to replay you can then keep fiddling with various brushes and sizes and curve settings and just keep replaying the stroke and you can build up nifty text effects… the below pic isnt of any of these nifty text effects :smiley: … i got too ahead of myself and zbrush crashed so i just threw together quick example of text drawn by curves… would love to see what other people can get out of this … my next step is text with curve tubes :smiley: it should be possible… and iof thats possible then replacing the tubes with specific primitives may yeild things like text with the thickness as an extruded star… things like that…

love unintended usage :slight_smile: