Teleman the Escapist

This is Teleman the Escapist from a short Full CG animation WIP. The story is a futuristic retelling of the Icarus myth.
He has a couple of outfits, but this is the flight scene.
All Zbrush and Maya

I would greatly appreciate your comments and impressions

Dan Hughes McGrail


teleman posed tweakedc ompress.jpg

honestly, if you are looking for impressions - my first impression is this - how has no one replied to your post yet?!?!


'nuff said.

background mea, but every thing els is awesome

Cool work! :+1:

I agree , the background is a draft and it will be improved

I can just concur with matt! But overall great work, looking forward to the short Full CG animation WIP!:+1:
Great sculpt did you sculpt the wings in zbrush or did you make on and copied and fit them in the right spot?
Cheers and happy sculpting,
Kenny :slight_smile:

Thanks Kenny,
The background is actually geometry because there is a flying scene.
I did the parts for the wings the long way. each one roughed out in Maya and sculpted in zBrush.
The design of the wings and suit had to be consistent with the limited tools and materials available to the character. Guy who took on continuity is verrry particular.
There will be another character added to this soon

Great dynamic pose! Like the wingage and feel of this piece - agree with above - background pants so far - fly teleman fly (but not too close to the sun!) ha ha

Let us know when you are finished the short film too