Teen Hellboy Fanart

Hellboy is one of the most charismatic characters in my opinion. So, I decided to create a fanart just thinking if Hellboy had been a kid like any other. Sculpt and poly paint in Zbrush. Render in 3DSMax with Vray.

Looking good! Love Hellboy!

To me it looks like he is about to fall backwards, was that intentional? If not, you might want to consider where his center of gravity is compared to the board. Is he just taking off or landing, where is he aiming to go, and where is he coming from. Get the hips and shoulders in the line of movement.

So this image as an example: click me

The shoulders are always forward over the board.

Honestly though, I love the idea of this piece. My favorite thing about Hellboy was his need to be just a normal person.

Thank you for your tips. Actually he’s landing.