This is my last work,I sculped model in zbrush. render in max mentalray.i hope you like it!:smiley:



Excellent sculpt. :wink:

“Never lose focus! Not if Jupiter himself were to rip open the heavens, and dangle his c*@& from the skies! A gladiator’s first distraction is his last!”

Loved Oenomaus in the series, nicely executed

It’s a good likeness

True that .

nice sculpt man!!! new season coming out in january woot!!!

thank you.very one.

this is my last work ***65292;I like AndyWhitfield .so i created this character***12290;I sculped it in zbrsuh***65292;and reneder in 3dmax2013 vray ***12290;4.jpgI hope you like it***65281;moxing1.jpgmoxing2.jpgmoxing3.jpgmoxing4.jpg

Great work! I sent you a private message.

1,I used alpha pifu2.jpgpifu3.jpgto creat pores
2,I drew forehead wrinkles by my hand .used standbrush,moxing4.jpgsome time I drew forehead wrinkles thinker***65292;I use morph brush fix it***12290;

Thanks! Very helpful.