TAXI Driver Robert Deniro Fanart WIP - Clay renders

25-1 24-5 24-6 24-4 24-2 24-1 25-3 25-2 25-7 25-5 25-4


Fantastic work @Stavros_Karagiannis, proportions are outstanding and subtle muscle definition is well done :+1: Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you very much Jaime!

such a killer piece!!

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Outstanding work! I think you are one of the top digital human creators!

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Thank you very much!

Thank you! I am glad you like my artwork, I am not one of the top but i am trying to evolve day by day and get better. Thank you once again .

Looking great @Stavros_Karagiannis, the pose is top!

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Great work! Are you planning to 3D printing it?

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Thank you !!

Thank you very much! No, not right now but in the future maybe i will print it :slight_smile:

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magnifico trabajo.
seria posible compartir o vender el archivo?
soy fan de robert de niro y de esta pelicula, me gustaria imprimirlo en resina.