Hi, zbrushcentral, I have been paying attention to this for a long time, and there are many talented artists here that have inspired me.

I am a university student.This is my first CG work called “Tattoo”. The original painting concept is from Mr. Kim Jung-Gz. The character’s charm and detail performance are very attractive to me, so I presented it in 3D.

The model is basically completed in zbrush, the basic process is dynamesh-zremesher2.0-upgrade refinement, wrap uv, generate normals and Displacements.Rendering is in maya arnold.Below I took a breakdown to explain the flow of my work part.

Finally, I am very grateful to ZBC for providing this platform for us to learn and communicate, and for the guidance and teach of Yang Guang.


Wonderful work this looks amazing…

This is simply stunning. All the details are exceptionally well executed. Just how long did you spend staring at the bottom of your foot to get those wrinkles so perfect? :wink:

Great job!

Hi @Rui_Yan and welcome to ZBrushCentral :blush: this is a wonderful image in every aspect. She does look calm despite the ancient traditional of tattooing :wink:.

It’s an outstanding scene with impressive attention to detail. I found myself picking up the fine hairs on a character’s ankle!

outstanding jop,nice sculpt detail how many UDIMs or there.


you have created a masterpiece! I can’t stop looking at your beautiful artwork.

I do have one question if you don’t mind. Are you enrolled in an Art School and have teachers who guide you? Everybody can see that you are extremely talented, but can you tell us also how long it took to create this masterpiece, and do you have also formal art training in classic art media or do you have started your career only with digital tools, like ZBrush?

Best regards

Welcome to ZBrush Central!

Really beautiful work. Your attention to detail is amazing. Great job! :+1:

just woaw ! so impressive! I love every bit of it! magical!



The expression on her face says it all, coming from someone who has both had ink work done, and is also a tattoo artist. What the hell…a student you say? Staggering detail, exquisite texturing, the lighting, muted palette, atmosphere and posturing. Very Masterful work buddy. Beautiful.

you did a Master piece

Nice Work! are you Korean?

Outstanding work!

I keep coming back to this piece, it is so lovely. Just noticed that the tattoo artist’s clothes have that worn-in crease, on the arms, from having been folded in the same way for many years. Gorgeous.

So much quality talent on Zbrush central. This is very inspirational artwork :+1:t5: :+1:t5:

Phenomenal piece. Every aspect, every detail is so well done. Those feet are just great.
I thought I saw a little sweat on her forehead but it was just shine. That would have been perfect but no worries.

Be very proud of your work.