Hey there!
I did another piece of work based on TB Choi’s work.
I love her work and I recommend you guys check it out!

I hope you guys like it.
My artstation: https://www.artstation.com/italocerone


Welcome back. Great piece. You’ve got the style done.

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Nailed it! Are you planing on creating the different facial poses based on TC Choi’s 2D designs? Well done :+1:

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Hey Jaime!
I would love to model them, but I think I won’t have time for it… I’m working on 3 collabs for the next months, and my time for a personal project is a little short.

Tes sculpts sont vraiment canon!! surtout :Race girl Pinup" :wink:
Bonne continuation.

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The human version of the mom in Onward? Just kidding, great work!

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