tablet input unbearable delay

hello!, im new here, after a lot of tutorials i got the hang of it, now im using a tablet with a lot of (8096 or so i believe) pressure points, it really makes a difference in some brushes and in blender sculpting, now here’s the deal, IT MAKES MY LIFE MISERABLE I WANT TO STAB A HUNDRED PEOPLE AND THEN MYSELF IN THE EYE WITH THE STYLUS(beefy stylus, it will hurt… a lot).

I try to sculpt with the mouse, it responds quickly as it should, now i go with the tablet, the saving icon appears and after some deliberation whether my input should recognize in five seconds or in 10 it does what i told it to.

im using a huion h640p. it doesnt do this with other programs, like photoshop, illustrator, or blender.

What am i doing wrong? this completely destroyed today’s sculpting mood.

ZBrushCore system specs require a Wacom or Wacom-compatible tablet. If the Huion is Wacom-cmpatible then make sure that it is using the correct drivers.