T-Rex feedback (newbie)

Hi everyone, I’m new to Zbrush Central and this is my first time posting here so please bear with me if my forum etiquette isn’t up to scratch or I’m posting in the wrong section. I recently modeled this t-Rex in zbrush and decided it would be nice to get some feedback from some fellow zbrush users on how it looks. I’ll post some renders up which you can dissect. Feel free to speak your mind and don’t hold back on any criticisms otherwise I wont improve.

To sum myself up, I’m a zbrush noob but I’m quite literally obsessed with the program and I learn pretty fast. I’ve been using it on and off for about a year due to uni commitments. I’ve also been using maya for about a year as well. Thus, forgive me if some of the 3d jargon is lost on me. As for the model, I created a basic zsphere armature in zbrush and retopologised it in maya. Then I took it back to Zbrush to sculpt and pretty much kept switching between ZB and Maya whenever I needed to clean up the topology. Also if the renders are shoddy, it directly reflects how well I know to use the 4r3 BPR. I’m feeling around in the dark when it comes to BPR so advice is more than welcome.

Finally, I’m sorry if I’m being a bit vague, it’s just that I’m new to this. If anyone can give me some advice on the do’s and dont’s of ZB Central as well it would be much appreciated. I’m metaphorically drowning in uni assignments right now so I’ll try update the post a little more when I have some spare time. If there’s any specific things you want to see or info you want to know, tell me and I’ll put it up ASAP.

Thankyou for your patience in reading this.






Excellent first post.

Get rid of the grass though…wasnt there at the time of the dinosaurs…and twist those palms inwards.

There was no grass at the time of the dinosaurs? I never heard of that, was it a joke?

And besides, maybe it’s a Jurassic Park thing where the t-rex was brought back through cloning.

Nice job on the t-rex. I feel the folds could use some work and definitely some more minor detail. I feel if you analyzed it and looked at what others have accomplished you can extract your own ideas and polish this sculpt into a fantastic one instead of just a good one. Just my two cents, I should start posting my own sculpts when I am giving others critique :P. Hopefully I’ll post a Triceratop I am working on whenever I am allowed.

Hi rados, welcomo to ZBC. Just adding a bit on what others have posted here, I feel his head is a bit to big proportionally to his body. I feel it even more from the side image. It feels he is unbalanced because of the massive weight his head has with all that mass. Also, his tail feels a bit short and small to be able to counterbalance all that weight disparity. Just double check that because I see he has some strong neck muscles, but still its too much weight for the rest of his body. Alright rados, nice work. Take care.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

@tobbeo and aurfax: I’ll defs grab a lot more reference to achieve better anatomy and polish up the model in general. And just for the heck of it, I’ll probs also pay a visit to the museum and check out the dino section. We don’t have a full T-Rex skeleton but we have a skull!

@ministerart: I’ll be sure to twist those palms inward as well! And maybe I can replace that grass with ferns which I imagine would be more age appropriate.

Welcome to ZBrushCentral:)
Really great start on here with your trex sculpt, it is looking great.:+1:
I wished my first trex would have looked like that, definantly keep it going and looking forward seeing your progress on here at zbrushcentral!
This is the right place for you mate!
All the best and happy sculpting,

  • Kenny :slight_smile:

Awesome T-Rex, you should remove the newbie from the title! :stuck_out_tongue: I will agree with a previous post, T-Rex has his palms facing each other and not the ground. Other than that pretty solid! Maybe add some scales now? :slight_smile: