Symmetrically editing object placed with tilt &Return it to original location easily

Hello everyone. My name is Tsukasa YAMATO. I’m Japanese.
For the first time I’ve made a plugin for Zbrush.
Its name is “Back To the Center”.(BTC)

*** What’s this? ***

Even if it is a mesh which has first symmetrically shaped and has placed with tilt, it can be moved to the world origin with the XYZ axes aligned. After modeling work you can return it to the original location with one click. Unlike the layers function, both retopology, remesh and Zmodeler can be used. Because it is just a rotational and parallel moving. (And you can also use Undo.)

With this, you can freely make symmetric editing at any time for the subtool placed with tilt.:lol:

*** Download ***
I release its basic functions with a zip file.
(And also you can download it from here. https://gum.co/yAZUK )

*** How to use ***

Place “BackToTheCenter.zsc” to “C: \ Program Files \ Pixologic \ ZBrush 2018 \ ZStartup \ ZPlugs 64”, and restart Zbrush.

Clicking Plugin> BackToTherCenter> BackToTeCenter.

It is recommended to assign a hot key by CTRL + ALT + click because you will press the button many times.

It uses the transpose action line.

  1. Draw the 1st action line. Execute this Plug-in. The direction you’ve drawn with it is set along to X axis.
  2. Draw the 2nd action line. Execute this Plug-in. The direction you’ve drawn with it is set along to Z axis.
  3. Click the center point using the action line and execute the plug-in. The object is set to the world origin.
  4. You can freely edit symmetrically.
  5. execute the plug-in and it will return to its original location.
    That’s all.

About detailed usage, please look at the site of the following URL.

And about advanced versions of BTC, I refrain from writing here according to ZbC’s guidelines. But since I want to release BTC 's basic functions, I made this thread.

I am glad if you give me your impressions.
Thank you.V.0.8.8-BTC.zip (3.94 KB)BTC Image.jpg


BTC Image.jpg