Symmetrical geometry in ZBrush, but still offset in other Software?!

Dear Community,
i have an object, which is aligned symetrically on the x-axsis with position 0 (as the geometry menu shows), but when i export the geometry to 3ds max or softimage or maya the position is slightly offset to right.


I appreciate every help!

Version 2021.1

Thanks in advance!

Hi, the exporting issue is sometimes associated with the “Tool/Export” setting. ZBrush set this value upon importing an OBJ for example, and keep it for later.
I usually get a reference object from the target application and take note, in case it changes later I manually set it back to the same value, so it preserves the original scale/position on export.


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Hello Evargas,
thanks for the quick reply. Does this export issue affect the export button on the tool palette head section? Another thing to mention is i did the geometry in Zbrush first. I had never any problems with exporting to other application but this time i messed up my tool, tweaked the symmetry, weld and „repaired“ the geometry position etc. And there I am now.

I will check later if your solition is a better to have in mind for my Workflow, i hope its a one time issue.

When you say “tool palette head section”, if you mean like the image below, as far as I know yes it is the same setting.
I’ve had this problem some time ago so I took note.
Do you see values other than zero in your case (in the export settings)? You probably just need to zero the offsets or type a value that will fix the difference.
If you imported it back to ZBrush does the “export” settings change? Maybe just invert its signal then.
I hate when that happens, it’s really annoying :smiley:


Hello @MatthiasReichshof ,

Much of this depends on exactly how you are importing and exporting. For instance GoZ plays by different rules than manual import/export.

However, if you are importing and exporting in the traditional manner, then the offset position of your mesh in the external application is probably the actual position of the mesh.

When you import a mesh into ZBrush when either no 3d tool is actively selected, or when a tool (like the default polymesh3d star) with zero values in the Tool> Export menu is actively selected, a mesh will be auto scaled and auto centered to work in ZBrush, similar to the Deformation> Unify function. If this did not happen, the mesh may be difficult or impossible to work with in ZBrush.

The values required to restore the mesh to the exact same size and position are recorded in that menu, and the mesh will be exported at the same original size and offset. So it is possible that your mesh always had that position, but ZBrush simply corrected it for the purpose of working in ZB.

Where problems arise is when a Tool with non-zero values in that menu is selected when importing. Each tool has its own unique settings here, and if it is active when another mesh is imported, the incoming mesh will inherit those settings, possibly resulting in scale/position shifts.

So always be sure to select the default polymesh3d star as an import target when importing a mesh to make sure you are zeroed out. The exception to this would be if you are deliberately trying to replace or update a mesh with a different version of the same mesh that will be using the same scale/offset settings, for instance if you were importing a mesh to update your UVs, or restoring the original base form of a mesh prior to creating/exporting texture maps.

Hope this helps to figure out what’s going on!


Thank you Evargas, that was it, i wasnt paying attention to the export menu setting rather to the button export and other values I mentioned and as soon as i looked after my values there i had an unfortunatally value on the x axsis.

Its crazy how many different things come togeather like pivot, symmetry, geometry position, export settings etc. to just one thing that drives one crazy!

Also a big Thanks to you Spyndel for your theoretical input i will keep in mind, there are a ton of things to learn about this software, its mesmerizing!