Just started on an idea, and needed to model a crow Skull this is where I’ve got whith it so far. C&C’s all welcomed


The bird skull looks good. Ho do you create the holes like that? Can you show me a bit more?

HI SolidSnake

Thanks for your comment. The holes ar created by hiding Polys and deleting them. I modeled it from ZSpheres and got the main shape for the skull and took the poly level up to Level 3-4 in detail.

Once satisfied with the shape, I deleted the lower levels, went to project master and painted in where I wanted the holes. but keep the marking smaller than what you actually want ( I’ll explain in a bit)

Once you’ve marked out your area’s, leave PM and turn texture to Alpha, go to masking and mask from alpha, inverse mask, hide and delete hidden polys.

The holes will look rought, not to worry though, this is why I say keep the markings smaller than the holes you want. you could take the level up higher and get a mor defined shape to your hole.

Save a morth target, and in displacement inflate about 12% and morph difference.

Take new model and use smooth tool to smooth of the edges of the holes.

And hey presto you have your Holes for Skulls. Don’t know if this is a proven teq, I came I had the idea I guese from Meats Teq. and jsut adapted it to what I needed.

Great modeling and good use of morph difference & masking.


thanks for the comments, here are some clearer renders, with the first Texture render. Also for anyone interested i’m posting the bone material

There still some trweaking, to do for the overal shape, and few mor minor cracks to add to the texture.



I agree, good use of ZBrush features for modelling.

Look forward to what happens next.

For anyone else interested in making holes here is a great thread full of other and similar techniques…http://www.zbrushcentral.com/zbc/showthread.php?t=009776

Thanks Boozy Floozie, and I’m gonna have to go and try the tech. on the link you gave. From a quick read its seems like I went the same way only i used the morph feature instead of unified skin. the one problem I find with the way i went is that by deleting the lower levels leaves you with a high poly count on level 1. Which means a large file size when saving.

So I will have to read and play a bit to see if your link will help me round that problem. it may be usfule for some of the other parts I need to model for this piece.

My pleasure.

Hi All

Been a bit busy, to post progress with this thread any how this is where it's got to. C&Cs welcome please

I guesse with all the hype over the Da’Vinci code, I have been inpired to create my own interpetion on Symbology in classic paintings:lol:

OOPs! having uploading the image’s correctly would help I guesse




solid, i made a tut a while back about bird skulls hehe

but of course, its true frenchy, i learned from meats too


Doing some postwork in photoshop, playing with colour tones and add some light rays

need to work on the figure edges, as for some reason I’m yet find out why ZB gave them a dark outline which is more obviouse on the right hand figure.


Doe’s anyone know how to get the thumbnails to show in thumbnail bar instead of a random crop from the Main image???
I managed it with a post of the skull, by copying what other threads have done. but now it does’nt seem to happen!!

The first image in a post will be the one that appears in the thumbnails. So you can put the thumbnail first, and then the full size.

Alternatively, an image will not appear as a thumbnail if you change the tag from [ATT] and [/ATT] to [ATN] and [/attach]. That way, you can have the thumbnail last with the ATT tag, and edit the tags for earlier images in the post to ATN.

So to modify my first statement for more accuracy, the first image with an ATT tag in the post will be the one that has a thumbnail. Any ATN images will be ignored.

Thanks Aurick for that explanation, I’ve searched all over the forum looking for the answer.

Howerver, In my last post, I did post the thumbnail first followed by the main image. I copied and pasted the code for the 2nd into the body of txt which has an ATn Tag. and left the thumbnail as an attachment. But still the thumbnail ended up being a crop from the main image.

Do I also then have to paste the tag for the thumbnail, into the txt box, aswell? I didn’t do that for the skull post and browsing other threads, the main image is shown in the post and the thumb remains as an attachment.


No one got any comments or crits for my last post?? Hmmm do i take this as a good thing or a bad thing ???:confused:small_orange_diamond:o

Sorry Logick, there was you, thanks for you comments.

For me… cool as the same… :smiley: