Symbiote Batman

Symbiote Batman Fanart Statue

Inspired by the amazing @greytonano

This was the most challenging project ive worked on so far. learned alot while doing it.
i hope you like it


Absolutely Awesome, great job!!! love the perspective play!

Thank you ! it really means alot . im glad you like it

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Great model, I like the Symbiote version of batman a lot =) Thanks for sharing!


Thank YOU! for these kind words =) really appreciate it

This is totally awesome!!

Love the style… :+1:

Thank you !

nice concept :blush: :+1: :ok_hand:

thank you ! means alot

I love that side angle render, really original, nice work!!

Thank you very much ! i really apreciate it

Welcome to the community. Great synergy with the Venom/Batman. Great job.

Glad to be here . Thank you very much

Hello, I love your work, how could I acquire the 3D model to be able to print this wonderful piece?


@Erem_Celikoglu is there a place you release your work for download? I would love to get the file for this to print. If there is anyway possible I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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hey , thanks for your interest. sadly the 3d file is not for sale bcs its beeing produced

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Hey Erem. Where is this being produced. Need to get my hands on this insane item. You catered for my two extreme fan parafenalia.
Truly insane work man. Well done

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@Erem_Celikoglu thanks for the reply. I absolutely love this statue. If it not possible to aquire for print, I’d like to own one of the production peices. Where is it available for purchase? I’d love 2 buy one.
Thanks, an absolutely amazing work.

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that is really amazing,may i ask what kind of computer u use cuz i just start cg,also r u also doing this as professional job,cuz i just do it for fun,i dont know if i can get this good @Erem_Celikoglu