Switching from 2.5 view back to 3D, help!

I have sculpted several pebbles, now I want to create individual alphas from each pebble. I use MRGBZGrabber to create the alphas. Once I use MRGBZGrabber, my view becomes 2.5 view. How do I return back to 3D so I can finish creating alphas from my other pebbles?

What I have been doing is closing Zbrush, and reopening the file every time I use MRGBZGrabber because I don’t know how to go back to 3D view.

Let me know how to go about this process, thanks!

@Kay_Wil Instead of using MRGBZGrabber why not use Alpha : From Mesh.

hi @Kay_Wil

you can do it with alpha:from mesh as @tobor8man suggest it.

Now to return to the 3d view you must to clean up what has been drop on the canvas as pixels using CTRL + N . After that, just pick up the tool on the tool palette and then drop it on the canvas and turn on the edit mode with T.

Hope it helps!

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