Switching Focal Shift between Gizmo and Transpose Line


In the new version, I have been having issues when jumping between the Gizmo and Transpose tool workflow. Because the focal shift affects both tools, I need to constantly change the focal shift and often forget. I switch between the Gizmo and Transpose frequently, so this is very inefficient. Is there a way to turn off this feature when needed, or make it so that the focal shift number is not shared between the gizmo and transpose tool? Thank you for any help.

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Hello @kmcanaga

There is no way to turn this off at this time but we will share this with the rest of the development team.


Thanks so much Paul! Much appreciated, cheers. :slight_smile:

Yes, very sad story… (((

I’ll chime in and second that it would be great to be able to disable this feature. It’d also be great to bring back the option of using the ‘W’ shortcut to toggle between Gizmo 3D and Deformer/Primative 3D modes rather than having to physically click the 3D Gizmo button after creating a new primative with the Gizmo. Not sure why this went away in 2022?

This has been solved in 2022.0.5. Are you using that version. The W key will still allow you to switch the Gizmo and Deformers. There is only one scenario that it’s having an issue that I need to fix.

I’ve noticed the W key shortcut doesn’t work when you start with a primitive and then turn that into a PolyMesh.

Try loading your model as a project to see if it gives you the same issue?

Hi Paul,

Yep, I am using 2022.0.5. I tried on both my floating install for work and my personal install at home. Can’t get it to work in either.

It does seem to be working if I open a .ZPR file, but not if I just open a .ZTL file. Unfortunately, I use ZTL almost exclusively.

@chief71 Try loading a project first and then load your Tools. Does it happen?

Using that workaround does seem to work. Thanks for the quick replies!

Hello @chief71 ok, good to hear