Sweet Mary Jane ("Making Of" update pg.4 )

This is a piece I did for Marvel artist Mark Brooks’ booth at San Diego Comic Con this year. Modeling time was probably around 2 weeks spread out over my free time, which included time to run it through Magics for tooling. It was printed on an InVision XT then molded, cast, and cleaned for painting by the magnanimous Kat Sapene. When I get the chance I’ll be posting the entire production process on here so you can see my workflow. Hope you guys dig :slight_smile:


sweet? yip, sweet!

Really solid work! Your model looks great as real figure. I like the overall style.
It would definitely be nice to see production process from 3d to figure too!

Wow… hot!

Really fantastic job with the hair - could you say a bit about how you approached it?

one hot model!
great job

You should change your nick to PolyBoss…:smiley:
Looks amazing, thanks for posting. Cannot wait to see the production process details.

wow…great job.i like that venom toy:lol:

Bloody well perfect!:grimacing:

I want that paint sculpt! Its so cool! I like the venom doll too.

sweet dude!! I love mary jane!:+1:

Looks like a top row to me :grimacing:

Look forward to seeing the making of!

Thanks so much for all of the gracious words and compliments. I should have the “making of” posted sometime this week if I can get the time. This is actually how I use ZBrush on a daily basis in my line of work (toys/collectibles). If anyone is interested in the workflow, I can go even deeper into subjects like articulation and part separation for mass production.


Great!! Awesome sculpt, I should have hopped the train to come check it out…


Hey poboyross, this is totally AWESOME!! I love the final outcome of your piece. Mary Jane looks very sexy and the model is great. I would love to see more of the workflow process and how the whole thing was made. Great job! :smiley:

Outstanding!!! I want one :slight_smile: five stars from me! :+1: :+1: :+1:

love that one :D:+1:

Fantastic sculpt! - I love it!

Yeah, I’m digging it! Awesome!

Thanks again for all of the comments and kudos…and for keeping the hit count up. Hopefully it’ll eventually make top row :wink:

Another image set of the Venom doll:

Really cool stuff. It’s neat to see all the rapid prototyping that’s showing up these days!

It’d be awesome if you could share more about the ZBrush aspects of this project. :slight_smile: