SWAT Warrior - Real-Time

Please see my 11-week project during the Advanced term at Think Tank Online.

During this term, I had a chance to improve my hard surface modelling, topology, procedural texturing, and hair cards workflow. I also learnt more about the importance of lighting in rendering time and smart shaders in presenting the model.

Based on the concept by Dia Nak (https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Vd4Bv5).

Steps & Software:
Jacket and Pants base in Marvelous Designer
Sculpt in Zbrush
Retopology, gun, and hair cards in Maya
Textures and bakes in Substance Painter
Skin projection from Texturing XYZ was wrapped in WARP by R3DS
Shaders, Renders, and particle emitters in Unreal Engine
Asphalt texture used from Quixel Bridge

UVs (please see the breakdown below in the post):
3 4k texture sets for body
1 4k texture set for the face
2 4k texture sets for the hair (hair cards)
& 1 4k texture set for guns

Zbrush Sculpt Details:


that gun looks so heavy :slight_smile:
great work!

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Thank you so much!