Swamp Witch

First piece of 2021!
Here is the character I created while teaching the advanced term for Think Tank Training Online. I wanted to go along with the students and demonstrate the entire process of creating a real-time character from concept.
It took a little longer than usual as things are still pretty chaotic and busy but it was fun nonetheless.
Congrats to everyone in the class for trucking through and making It to the end!

Come visit my Artstation page for all the breakdowns:

Original concept by Xinyi Zou:


Excellent work @Frederic_Arsenault, color palette, lighting, mood, this is a very nice witch :star_struck: did you sculpt and place feathers by hand?

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Very cool character. The sculpt and painting are great, and I love the environment that you created as well.

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Thanks very much Jaime!
For the feathers I sculpted, baked and textured 5 individual feathers and then just duplicated and placed them by hand to get the exact layout I wanted.

Very much appreciated, Aurick! It definitely was a fun piece

great piece. I bet your students enjoyed learning how this was completed.

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Thanks Paul!
I think they really appreciated the fact of seeing the whole process from start to finish for a game character.