Surface Noise

There is a plugin to center the mesh in the window of the surface noise?
Thank you

No, I don’t think so. But all you need to do is click on “Frame” at the top left of the Noise window. (Your model needs to be off-center to see a difference.)

I know this key.
The problem is with different subtool in different positions from the center.

I need less time to zoom.

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OK, now I understand.

It’s not possible to script the Noise button directly but this macro may help.

To install, save the file to the ZBrush 4R7\ZStartup\Macros\Misc folder and press Macro>Reload All Macros. You should then have a new Noise-Pivot button in the macro>Marcos>Misc sub-palette.

What this does is sets the Transform pivot before activating Noise. (It presses the Set Pivot button in the Transform palette.) The subtool should appear in the center of the Noise window so you can apply the noise you want.

When you’ve finished, press OK on the Noise window and then press the macro button again. This will clear the pivot and return the subtool to its correct position.

thank you.

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