Surface Book 2 pen lag

When using the mouse on my Surface Book 2, Zbrush runs ok. When I use my pen to draw it’s not too bad. But when I use the pen to navigate the lag is severe enough that the pen is un-usable.

I have updated the graphics card to the latest version
I have installed Wintab

Ideas and thoughts welcome.

I’m having a similar problem.

My navigation is not great. I wouldn’t say unusable, but at best it’s stuttery with the pen. At worst, when panning, it gets laggier and laggier, until I let off the pen. And just like you it’s very smooth with the mouse.

Also the move tool seems to always give me a delay before it kicks in. It’s instantaneous with the mouse, but with the pen it almost feels like the harder I’m pushing down, the longer the delay is.

And I’m having a hell of time clicking OK when a dialogue pops up.

I’ve installed the wintab drivers. And I’ve disabled click and hold right-click.

Sounds like your issues are a little bit worse than mine but glad at least to know I’m not alone in this.

Try turning pen flicks off. That seems to help some for me.

Download the official wacom driver (I can’t remember which one the surface pro 2 uses sorry).
I have a surface pro 2 and it works fine with zbrush (but I have issues with photoshop cs4).

Thank you,

I’m not familiar with the official wacom driver for the surface book pen.

I finally figured out a fix on my own by accident.

After booting up try un-attaching and then re-attaching your tablet (monitor). This cleared up the problem right away.

My current theory is that because part of the graphics memory resides in the keyboard for the 15 inch version of the Surface Book 2, that at lease in my case the keyboard memory is not being accessed upon boot up?

The latest Surface Book 2 firmware update seems to have resolved this issue for me. The GTX 1060 was not being recognized on boot up.

Would you recommend the surface pro 2 now? Would you compare it to a desktop experience? I’ve been considering getting one, but have heard so many issues with zbrush. I’m just wondering if they are all finally cleared up. Thanks!

If you mean an actual surface pro 2 then yes I would recommend it as they are in my opinion solid devices (with the added benefit of being able to use Wacom tech and Artdock for onscreen menu’s)

If it’s the surface book 2 I honestly couldn’t say as I’m still suffering from a load of the issues people on this thread have raised.

It’s getting to the point where ZBrush is unusable for me, as the lag with the pen is so bad I can’t get work done.

I’m not sure the on-board graphics is even a factor as Zbrush is CPU based.

Are any SurfaceBook2 users still experiencing poor performance with Zbrush 2018?