Supreme Chancellor Palpatine

For this 3D portrait, I wanted to try and capture the performance of one of my favorite actors of our time, the great Ian Mcdiarmid. His classic voice and demeanor are a defining component of many Star Wars films, and I hope I distilled some of his character and body language in this piece. It was also a chance to demonstrate the modeling, texturing, groom, and lookdev skills I have built during the last two years studying asset creation for film at Think Tank Training Centre!

For the sculpting I used Zbrush and Maya. Skin detail was achieved with Texturing XYZ’s VFACE applied through Zbrush layers. All skin/eye textures were created in Mari, and the rest in Substance Painter. Clothing was drafted and simulated with Marvelous Designer, then finished with Maya/Zbrush. Groom was created in Houdini and finished with Xgen. Rendering/Lookdev with Arnold, Compositing in Nuke

I hope you like!