Superman Red Son

Hello guys, I would like to share my latest personal work, this is Superman from the Red Son comic where, instead of crashing in Kansas, as in the main story, his spaceship crashed in Soviet Ukraine and he eventually became the dictator of the USSR.
I did it on Alvaro Ribeiro’s great collectibles course, hope you like it :wink:



Man, that’s great!
I didn’t even know about that comic: if it wasn’t that my wallpaper is about my girls, I would put your comunist Superman all over my screens! :slight_smile:

thank you man :grinning:

Very cool concept @AndersonLovato! :clap:

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thank you Jaime :smiley:

AWESOME! Very good choice of story and even better the new story concept :wink: Good job!

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amazing work!!! I like the details!!!

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