Superman Bust - Inspired by Alex Ross

Yeah, I know, not very original from me but hey, I want to model a Superdude too! :lol:
Some details: 3 days work till now, starting from a basemesh I have (modeled in Maya). Additional modeling and textures done in ZBrush using ZappLink mostly.
Rendered in Maya/MR. The model have only color and displacement maps applied (both mixed and used as bump map as well). So, still more maps to paint, color map to finish, eyelashes to model etc. Hopefully I’ll start his body this weekend. I want to model him full body and put him in some cool classic poses. Let’s see if I can finish something this time…

This is my vision of Alex Ross’ badass Superman. Hope you like it so far:


Amazing work.

holy crap! That is great! Man, can you leave our top row alone for a bit?! :wink: Nevermind, keep them coming. This is more fantastic work. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


top row:+1:

amazing work. I love your lighting set up as well as paint work.

you are definatly one of my favorites on the board!

I bet this will be top rowed soon. :wink: The wings of the nose are too thin, the ears could be fleshier. Also watch the stretching around the base of the bust. I’m really going to have to study your texturing technique. You made a video of it right?

what a great work Kris, as usual :wink: .

Did you used the base mesh that you have used for other models?

What thinks do you consider when you model a base mesh that is goin to be used to make a lot of models?

thanks a lot

alsome character in the model, i think it’s spot on, great work as usual. THis one is prob my favourate of your work yet :slight_smile:

going to have to disagree about the ears,
the older you get the more fleshy your ears will get, as they grow larger and droopy. especially in the lobs.
it also varies a LOT from person to person.

the ears are full of cartilige, with hardly and fleshy parts except for the lobe.
so really, these ears work perfectly with this tough guy chaacter in my opinion.

Wow, that`s good! J

Wow, great Double Chin of Steel.

No seriously, you have given Superman what he has always lacked…character!

very nice stuff as always, Antropus. :slight_smile:

a question and a couple of “nitpicks” if yer interested…

the question:

can you share a screenshot of your UV layout?

the nitpicks:

  • harsh line at neck/underside-of-chin is distracting a bit
  • top eyelids seem too thin from eyeball to eyelash edge (gap in there, it seems)
  • his little ‘s’ of hair in the front appears to be melting into his forhead and not resting on it.
  • nostril holes are either too big, or sides of nose could use some volume
  • kinda sharp in the nasolabial fold

all nitpicks, tho…I really like what you’ve done with “supe” :smiley:

kind regards,


Stunning, simply Stunning.:grimacing:

You set the standard others strive for, then you raise them again.:+1:

Keep it up, and keep owning TOP ROW - you deserve it.:slight_smile:

Have you used the same base mesh for this as some of your other recent heads? (eg. Rick, Girl,etc…)

Keep posting, as it’s great when you do.


Wow! He has character! He looks like he could have a bad day. Awesome skin. How is the hair done? Is it polygons or something else?
Somehow, he looks a bit like a badguy. Will you make a picture of the bust with the costume on? Then we can Superman more clearly.


Great Ceasars ghost! thats Amazing!! Fantastic work!


Dude! You must be living on another planet where there his 48 hours in a single day. Where do you get the time to do all those amazing characters? I’m sooo jealous!!! That’s why I’m taking an Alex Ross comic right now and I’m check on every little details that you might have missed!!! : ) Just kidding…Well I’m actually doing it, but jokes aside it’s pretty close man!

The only thing I would say is that, he seems to have just a bit too much fat in the face and below the chin. Maybe more accentuated cheek bones and jaw. His chin seems a little large too. Actually, facial feature could be a bit sharper overall…

Anyways, it’s sooo nice and the texture is super cool. Are you planning on modeling the whole boy? That would be cool!


Damn you, Kris…:lol: I’m working on an Alex Ross superman too! Now I gotta compete with YOU?! DOH!

Great likeness, Bro! The 3/4 view looking down is very nice. I love the eyebrows and hair also. I’m assuming you used the “Kindom Come” older Superman for reference?

It’s funny as hell, I’ve been using your heads for reference as I built my model. I kept thinking “What would Kris do if he was modeling superman.” Now I know…How ironic…:smiley: The main difference is I’m doing a whole body with him. I guess I’ll post where I am tomorrow…

What’s really cool is that I chose a lot of the same ways to model his head too. Mine looks a bit more toonish, but looking at your modeling confirms I went the right way in my modeling.

Awsome and VERY inspiring work, Kris. 5 Stars, as always...:D Dickie

Totally awesome man. All of us here at work are drooling over it. There’s a couple of things others have pointed out but it’s still a WIP so I’m waiting to see more! GET TO WORK! :stuck_out_tongue:

Antropus eu sou seu fan
e como bom brasileiro devo dizer q seus trabalhos sao otimos ,melhores do q muitos aqui

Continue assim,

Vc n teria como fazer um guia do seu workflow ? pq eu achu barbaro a sua modelagem
E qual programas vc usa ?

just amazing! you’ve gotta get at least the chest part of the costume on him. that would make a great accent to an already “super” model…so sorry, i just couldn’t resist (that’s pun has probably been made already huh?.)