Supergirl statue


I want to share this Supergirl statue I’ve been working on.

I used the project to keep working on improving on sculpting forms, dynamism, and expression.
Also worked on lightning and colors to make the character more appealing.
Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed working on it :slight_smile:

You can also check my post about this project on artstation here
Don’t know why but images look clearer there.

SG_Zpic_01 SG_Zpic_02 SG_Zpic_03 SG_Zpic_04 SG_Zpic_gris_01 SG_Zpic_gris_02 SG_Zpic_gris_03


Here’s a 360 turntable I forgot to upload here!


Looks great @CamiloVeliovich thanks for sharing :wink:

Nice! how did you made the cloth seam on her sides of the ribs

Thanks @Jaime !

Hey @khatri3d ! I created a custom seams brush in zbrush
I mostly modified an old one I had created with an updated alpha, which I captured with MRGBZ Grabber brush. Let me know if you want the brush I can send it to you :slight_smile:

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Please! i would love to have it!

Good job! love the splash on the shoe (nice touch)

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@khatri3d I just uploaded the brush here on my artstation

Hope it helps you in your projects!

@RICDEACHA Thanks!! Glad you noticed! It’s a rather subtle detail :slight_smile:


Thank You!

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This is a fantastic piece! Thanks for sharing!!

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Thanks @Ian_R ! Really glad you liked it :slight_smile:

Wow! Great job!

Thank you @Natashaa !!

muy buena Camilo felicitaciones!

Muchas gracias @PabloV3D !

Que hermosa figura @CamiloVeliovich la expresión general super femenina, entre delicada y fuerte. La dinamica del caminar, la capa, el pelo, hasta el detalle del splash del charco de agua! Preciosa figura!

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Muchas gracias Claudio!

Tus comentarios me hacen recordar el momento en el que estaba haciendo el proceso de diseño con la figura.
Me alegra mucho que hayas podido captar todas esos detalles que quise expresar con la figura.

Gracias de nuevo! Abrazo!

Thanks Claudio!

Your comments take me back to the moment I was designing the statue.
I’m happy to know you picked up those details I aimed to express with the figure.

Thanks again!

wow! amazing! :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :doge:

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Thank you!!

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i love your stile!!! :heart_eyes: