Super-high-detail male head modeling



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It’s a pleasure to share this high-precision model work.

I come from Zhufeng Community.

I’m glad to share with you this super-fine role modeling tutorial. Because the last set of super-fine goddess static frame tutorial is an external imported model, there is no detailed modeling work, which leads to what we seem to miss. Many people like the role’s armor clothes and so on. These previous series have been explained. After the previous role details class, role building The details of the module tutorials have not been greatly improved. With the updating of software and the improvement of computer speed, is there any new technology and breakthrough in this period? Yes, of course!

For example, previous roles need topology and fixed precision subdivision. Are these restrictions on our modeling work and can we abandon them?

For example, eyeball production, is it just a ball plus a map, can we model more accurately according to reality? Each gap is a real model.

For example, whether the new hair system can further improve the accuracy of the model, and so on.

To improve the accuracy of the work, we need to make the model more detailed, you know, as long as the resolution of 4k, any hair will be clearly seen. This requires us to control every pore!

In this set of textbooks, you can find the answer, you can make any details of the role you want to do, technology to provide you, to learn!


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