This is my fan art work.

From the arcade game “KING OF THE MONSTERS 2” released by SNK in 1992, “SUPER GEON” and the final stage boss “KING FAMARDY”.

We aimed to faithfully make the original illustration three-dimensional without adding a large arrangement.

This model is created assuming 3D printing.

I use ZBrush for sculpting, SP for textures, and 3ds Max and V-Ray for rendering.

Thanks for watching.




i LOVE King of the Monsters 1 and 2! i played the first one on SNES with my brother a LOT as a kid! i wanted a more faithful version but sadly i never had a Neo Geo as a kid. so KOTM2 was out as well. but thats fantastic work! definitely do more of KOTM if you can!

Thanks for the comment!
Glad to see someone else knows King of Monsters!
I spent the 80’s~90’s with arcade games, and I love King of Monsters because of its excellent creature design.
I want to make other characters too!