Sunset Soldier

"Hey guys. I finished another project . After many times against , it is finished. That was the character I made for the workshop Bruno Câmara in Melies School . For this job i use, zbrush, for scultp Maya 2015 for retopology, and mari e photoshop for texture.
concept By: djahalland

Hope you enjoy.



I enjoy. :slight_smile:

This scene is very realistic.

I like all the hard surface stuff on the human model.

Wonderful, fabulous textures! Looks like DDO or Substance Painter stuff.

like it,

Thank´s Jan19. Soon i will show some process…

Big Hug.

Thank´s man!

Looks great. I would love to see the breakdown. :smiley:

design and rendering very successful !:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Thank´s ! I will post some images and movies of my process in zbrush.

Big Hug.

this work looks so cool

Looking forward to seeing your work process!

Big hug back-at-cha. :slight_smile:

Hi guys. I bring for you some images this project.





Nice topology. :cool: