Subtools with Dynamic SubDiv/ automatic way /script

Hello all,

I’m working on this Mech piece and it has a lot of subtools. I’m using Dynamic subDiv, but I need to goto each subtool and then Apply it. So it gets SubDiv Levels.

My question is there a automatic way I can apply the Dynamic SubDiv’s to each subtool instead of doing it my self. Basicly it needs to have the apply button hit and move onto the next subtool I think. Is there some solution / easy fix for this? Thanks decorix

zPlugin > zRepeatIt > make sure Apply SubD is active and either click Visible to apply it to all visible subtools, or All to apply to everything.

You can make your own macros in zrepeatit too, it’s super powerful.

You can use the SubTool Master plugin “Do Visible” option - simply select “Press Dynamic Subdiv>Apply” from the dialog box (one up from the bottom).

Thank you very much. That’s good idea. Marcus mentioned the Subtoolmaster that was even better. Never looked into all those options it has… That solved my problem and there’s even Appy button. I was wondering if there’s a script that outputs a txt file with all the subtool names?