SubTool Master - Information, Installation and FAQ


Note: all plugins are now included with the ZBrush 4R7 installer. If you did not install a plugin then run the installer again.

For the latest information see the online docs here : http://docs.pixologic.com/user-guide/zbrush-plugins/

SubTool Master gives you greater control over your SubTools.

SubTool Master allows you to mirror, duplicate, merge, export all your subtools at once, fill all your subtools with color and/or materials and many other things!

:large_orange_diamond: This plugin is available with ZBrush 4R6.

:large_orange_diamond: Installation

The plugin is automatically installed with the standard installation of ZBrush.

:large_orange_diamond: Frequently Ask Questions

Q: I don’t see SubTool Master in the ZPlugin palette.
A: If you did a custom install of ZBrush then run the installer again and make sure you install the SubTool Master plugin.

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Zscript Note: Interface item could not be found, Popup:Mir#3_eyeball In…, [IPress,[StrMerge, “PopUp:”,[Var,currentSubTool]]]

I get this error each time I try to run the mirror plugin. Please help.

Thank you,

I have just installed subtool master and an error pops up regardless of what i use from the plugin, e.g. merge, mirror, etc.

As an example, if i try to merge, the error is “zscript note: interface item could not be found. popup:mrg#1_PM3d_Sphere3D_1 in…[Ipress,[StrMerge, “PopUp:”,[Var, cloneName]]].”

The plugin is, i believe, installed correctly. I have no idea what might be causing this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Check that you have the right version. I installed the subtool master 1.2G with zBrush 4 and I got the same error as you. It workd perfectly after I installed the subtool master 4.03 version. Be sure to delete the old version.

This plugin does export all subTools at once, however it creats a separate Maya file for each subTool… I would like to work on my whole model back and forward between Zbrush and Maya. Am I missing something?

If you want to work in Maya and ZBrush use GoZ - see the ZBrush/Documentation folder and here:

Yes, GoZ is the way to go. I was making a mistake of not keeping Maya file open, so every time I used GoZ function it was creating a new file. So I had separate files for every subTool, I did not realize that if I have a maya file already open Zbrush sends my subTool there. My problem solved. Thank you for your post.

I’m getting an error as well with ZBrush 4 on mac. I have version 4.03b and installed a new one from the DL central.

What error? Can you show a screenshot?

This was like my error though it was fixed after a redownload of the plugin. I don’t know why it didn’t work before but glad it works now


Subtool Master plugin for 3.1 is still available for download ?
goes the one i found at the download center is for ZBrush 4 ;(

ZBrush 3.1 hasn’t been supported for years now. Is there a reason you haven’t upgraded to the current version?

Sorry I removed my post. My problem magically fixed itself…

Hi!i wanted to download sub tool master but there`s no download button, i can only download goZ

It’s included in ZBrush 4R6. So is GoZ. In fact, all officially-released plugins that are compatible with 4R6 are included with it. You don’t need to download and install any of the Pixologic plugins yourself.

I’m getting a similar error when trying to merge subtools.

ZScript Note: Interface item could not be found.
SCRIPT: SubToolMaster_4_07.txt

ERROR: Tool:SubTool:Uv
IN: [ISet, Tool:SubTool:Uv,1]

Any help in fixing this?


What version of ZBrush are you using?

Occasionally I have a problem when mirroring my subtools. I will make sure the subtool is selected and choose to mirror across the X axis and append it as a new subtool. I will see the screen flicker, it appears to mirror and when the model return I have a duplicate of a completely different subtool appended and there is no mirror of the selected one.

To work around this I typically hide all subtools but the one I want to mirror and that typically works but now I’ve come across a situation where even that wont work.

The results are deterministic enough that every time I attempt to mirror this subtool I get a copy of the same incorrect subtool every time.

Please let me know if you can help.

"I’m getting a similar error when trying to merge subtools.

ZScript Note: Interface item could not be found.
SCRIPT: SubToolMaster_4_07.txt

ERROR: Tool:SubTool:Uv
IN: [ISet, Tool:SubTool:Uv,1]

Any help in fixing this?


Same problem. I have it in both 4r6 and r7. The only workaround is to save and load the scene again.

I decided this problem. Just rename SubToolMaster.zsc in SubToolMaster.txt.