Subtool affecting brush

Whenever sculpting on a layer with other subtools visible this causes the brush to react to the unselected subtools. This makes it tough to have subtools loaded for reference.

To be clear, the brush does not adjust the unselected subtools, but the brush does react to presence of the other subtools.

Is it now possible to have the unselected subtools visible, but have the brush completely ignore them?

Hi @Jason_Patnode

Turn on “Transp” button (transparency mode) on the right shelf or in the “Transform” palette.

Perfect. That is exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks.


I should have also mentioned that I believe the default action of turning on “Transp” button also turns on “Ghost” button below it. You don’t need the Ghost button on to have the cursor ignore un-selected subtools. With Ghost button off, you will still see any color or texture information you have on the un-selected subtools if you would prefer that.

Gotcha. That is great info. Thanks again.