Subinoy's sketchbook


hello again :slight_smile: i dont post here much because most of the recent stuff i did are just practice sculpts with no texture or post processing…so i thought of keeping this shabby sketchbook of mine to post those zbrush sculpts :slight_smile: i will keep updating this sketchbook with better work and not just WIP’s in future…
thanks for checking :slight_smile: and as usual, suggestions and critiques are welcome

this one based on a concept sketch by Eric Spray

couple of likeness study

based on a concept of Kory lynn hubbell







Nice work:+1:

Nice anatomy and nice style

thanks guys :slight_smile:

been a fan of War since playing darksiders and now that the sequel is out, i couldnt resist making a model of him :slight_smile: just finished the higpoly for now but i will keep updating the proportions and silhouette and make it game-res when i get time…


great sculpts! love the inesct creature and War comes out really great. good work on the hard surface style. are you going to texture him?

Great likeness! Very nice details on War, also the face is interesting for showing his hair and stuff! The ogre is great too! Keep up the good work!

Very nice stuff here, particularly like the ogre.

Nichollya : thanks! i will make more creature/organic characters after i’m done with War
nomad : thanks a lot! :slight_smile:
Jagoro: thanks! :slight_smile: i will texture War and make a lowpoly game-res version whenever i have free time

All great stuff! I especially like the last guy.

thanks Derek :slight_smile:

completed the War character :slight_smile:

look just perfect

Great looking sculpt, one thing that bother me is the hip area, in the low poly version
It seems like the belt is squeezing his hip, but in the sculpt it looks better, I think the silhouette on the low poly
in this are causing this, here is a photo of what I mean


Other than that, this work is awesome.

great model, but his chest is just too wide, it looks pretty dumb ;D
Just get the low poly into zbrush and move the whole chest area together, you will instantly see how much better and natural it feels

kilik128 : Thanks!

ecas: i did have trouble to put together this type of anatomy.wanted to capture that hugeness of the original and probably went a bit off…thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

slocik : thanks for your comments! :slight_smile: i will work on that area a bit more

War looks great! I don’t see nothing wrong with his chest, but that’s just me. Great work on the textures, a really nice piece! Good work, keep it up!:+1:

thanks a lot nomad :slight_smile: since War was based on a stylized,exaggerated anatomy, its hard to finalize what his actual shape will be…many artist will see him differently and it just add to the mystery of this character…i just love War! :smiley: glad that you like my version

a quick sketch i did of a Anthony Jones’s concept. wish to polypaint it also in my free time

here is the concept

I like where the last guy is going also.
Great stuff