Su Boe [The Ox]

The side silhouette is the first part I worked on. I wanted a central, round form, with sharp angular protrusions (arms and horns).

Sculpt based on a traditional Sardinian mask. Su Boe, the Ox, is chased and then beaten by the Merdules, representing our animal instinct conquered by reason. Pretty gruesome for a carnival mask!
Sculpted and painted in Zbrush, rendered in Maverick.


Short video of the sculpt right before adding the finer details. Started from ZSpheres and an idea of the silhouette I wanted to get, then refined with the Move tool as I carved out the muscles. I wanted it to be wiry in some places, like the long forearms, and heavily muscled in others, like the back.

Close up. The symbol at the center of the forehead is taken from the mask. It probably comes from a phoenician deity.
frontpieno_nuovo fronte_basso_main frontale_nuovo_main

Zbrush screengrab. Final mesh was around 10 million polys. There’s basically no tertiary details, I could have gone way further in terms of detail but I think this was enough.

The traditional Sardinian mask that inspired this piece.


Cool!! Thanks for sharing the origins and wips of this sculpt :sunglasses:!! Would love to see him posed!! :sunglasses: :+1: :star:!!

Yeah, agree with ETCHER, your image would gain a lot. :slight_smile: