Stylized X-men Beast

Hi guys, here’s my latest personal project I was working on in my spare time. It’s inspired by the wonderful stylized X-Men Beast design from Randy Bishop.

I started sculpting this beast in Zbrush (here’s the [link](https://www.pinterest.it/pin/807692514406970940/ to the original design.

Retopology and UVs done in Maya.

Substance painter for Baking zbrush details as normal maps and for creating all the textures apart from eyes. The eye is just a simple sphere with a completely procedural material (layered textrures + circular ramps as masks).

I also used xgen for the grooming part. It was pretty helpful starting from a reference mesh for beard and hair and then extracting the curves and convert it as xgen guides.

Final render was done with Arnold.


This is awesome. Made me laugh. :slight_smile: Great job.

Thank you so much Paul :heart_eyes: