Stylized Viking

Hey there, I am pleased to show you this stylized viking model, made during my free time and based on the beautiful design by Gaetano Leonardi
, good friend, sometimes a colleague and basically an astonishing art director and concept artist.

As for the renders, I was really inspired by the great lights set Brice Laville did to showcase his fantastic models.

First time I saw his neutral renders with hot/cold lights, I thought that type of light set and backround was perfect to enhance model presentation and to keep the attention focused on the details, plains and surface.
I basically tried to reproduce with Arnold what he did with Renderman.

As follows some backstage videos:

Concepting shoulder armor using NanoMesh from Zbrush

VikingO: shoulder armor, modeling timelapse from Stefano Critelli on Vimeo.

Sculting/modeling the boots

VikingO: boots sculpting/modeling timelapse from Stefano Critelli on Vimeo.

Testing textures in Substance Painter

I really hope you like it


He’s fabulous - brimming with mischief :+1:

Nicely done :+1:

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Welcome back. This is awesome.

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