Stylized House

I 'm working on a house based roughly on a concept by Shaun Keenan.
Never tried anything like this before so it’s all new workflow for me.
Comments and critiques are always welcome.
more texture
This is the concept I am roughly working towards. I intentionally changed a few things and created some solutions for 2D to 3D that are somewhat different.
I hope you like it so far.


You’re doing a really good job! Keep it up!

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Here is an update to the house.
I added some paint and dirt, some water and internal lights. I also added some tropical plants and the water.
Hope you like it.
Critiques are always welcome.

Whoa! Great job! What an awesome house. I would totally live there. :star_struck: Thanks for sharing!

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Concept: Shaun Keenan
Sculpt : Tim Frank
Plants were free assets.

This is the final render in Keyshot.
Did some more texturing on the stone work.
Hope you like it.
Critiques are always welcome.
I did deviate from the concept in places I thought could work better for 3D.


Love the detail you added! Great sculpt :blush: