Stylized Dungeon

Hello I just started a new environment a Stylized Dungeon first I started with maya and now I am sculpting the details look some screens my idea is like doing a video game like Diablo





#Stylized #Dungeon #Tileable #Texture #Stone #Wall work in progress made with #Maya #Zbrush #GameArt #gamedev

Tileable-Textures.jpg Tileable-Textures-02.jpg

The pilar with normal maps


A new screen about the door of the Stylized Dungeon made with maya and zbrush now with normal maps and ao I hope you like it

Texturing the pilar of the dungeon with 3D Coat the model was made with Maya and ZBrush I hope you like it

Hello these are New models for the stylized dungeon made with maya, zbrush and 3D Coat I hope you like it

A quick skull head for the Dungeon I am doing made with maya, zbrush and 3d coat

Just for fun and for the holidays I am going to add to the dungeon this pumpking

Here are the final renders about my Stylized Dungeon I hope you like it made with Maya Zbrush 3d coat and render with Marmoset I hope you like it