"Sturm Jane"

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The studs on the helmet are very long. -They should be just half the length.

Thanks Peter for your critiques.

but it’s M18 not M36.

Ok, sorry I thought M36 was without studs.
The original 1916 I have on the shelf has short studs, just wide enough to fit the stirnpanzer on.
Keep up the good Work.

and Merry Christmas!

Thanks Peter,
I referred to the pics I found on the web, some of the studs are short, others are not, so I referred to the longer ones to exaggerate the character of the helmet.
Even so, it maybe stick out a bit longer, I’ll recheck the pics and consider to fix it.
Thanks a lot for your straightforward critiques, I appreciate it.

Well the web can be a mess allright! But you are right, the pictures of 1918 helmets are all with the extended studs. So we both learned some histroy here :wink:

The top one is 1916 like the one I have, and there are some color suggestions here:

eksample 1918:


-Is she going to be a tank driver?