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Hello ZBrush Central

I very much admire the spirit of this place and the talented artists who make it what it is. And of course I am very pleased that ZBrush exists and is such a pleasure to use.

Please let me know what you think of my sculpts. I am starting off with one of my favorite characters the Hulk, the model is not quite finished, render is pretty much out of the box except I moved the light. Not sure about the pants being long or short yet and as such I am mindful I might end up covering the thighs anyway with the more traditional ripped jeans.

Although it is a grey Hulk now it might not stay that way if or when I decide to spend some time getting a nice render. I imagine a single surviving lamp post as the light source in this render. There will be turntable for sure just have to figure out how to post that probably Vimeo if I can.

Hope you like it.

ZbrushRender Front.jpg



ZbrushRender Front.jpg


Looks great ! :slight_smile:

Thanks I am thrilled that you like it.

Looks like he’s ready for a pose down against Arnold. :+1:

Thanks. I’d like to see that contest.

close up01.jpg
Here is a link to a turn table it has HD option https://vimeo.com/114393110

Please ignore the thumbnail below I removed the text link but then it became a thumbnail and I can’t seem to delete itclose up01.jpg


close up01.jpg

close up01.jpg

nice proportions.He looks really strong.;):wink:

Thanks Diablo.

Awesome work! :slight_smile:


ZGrab01.jpgThe back lit up more

Slight functional scoliosis through the thoracic spine I sculpted it as such because it looks cool, and I believe it can be easily justified for an almost invisible scoliosis to be magnified during the transformation to the Hulk. Certainly more easy to justify than his ripped pants staying on.



really nice start


Anybody got any crit or suggestions?

The silhouette of the character is good. I definitely would not want to piss this Hulk off! And the back anatomy is looking good!


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

It look pretty good to me ! i think the anatomy is great overall !
If you would ask me what the part that i would change i would say , the face !
I think his lips can have more attention and better transition with the chin area .
I don’t like so much the angry upper lip which looks a little odd for me at this step .
I think also that is nose looks a little small , i know he have small nose but is tip of his nose looks too small !
basically i would recommend looking at some reference that you can grab in the net and try to balance your head with the reference .

Good luck !:+1:

Thats useful feedback Smeagol. Thanks.:slight_smile:

back looks like RONNIE THE GREATs back =====>I like his quotes “peanuts baby peanuts” he is a mammoth

NOW its hulks back

awesomastic just awesomastic

as i always say keep em comin

Thanks Truthhunter and you’re right I found an image of Ronnie Coleman’s back online which had a lot of the qualities I particularly wanted in the Hulks back. I referred to it more than any other image for the back.